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About our pension

Our pension is located in Corund village, 26 kilometers from Odorheiu Secuiesc town, immediately at the entrance to the village from Odorheiu Secuiesc town, in the beautiful place of the former salt sea.  At the back of the yard there is a little stream, and a green forest behind it, with singing birds. The guests who lodge in at us are in the best place, if they desire to rest and need silence.

We provide safe and easy parking areas for the cars in the spacious yard. The houses are situated along the high street.

Holiday chalets with keys:
• 1 houses for 2 persons – double bed + private bathroom

• 1 house for 5 persons – double bed + bunk bed + private bathroom
• 1 house for 4 persons – double bed + bunk bed + single bed + private bathroom
• 1 house for 3 persons – double bed + single bed + private bathroom

We can provide lodgment for 18 guests in the holiday chalets with keys. Cooperating with the neighboring pension we can provide lodgment for 32 guests. In case of necessity

There is also a possibility for camping in the yard for those who want to, as the pension is separated by the forest only by a stream.

Our guests are also given the possibility to cook their own favorite foods, as there is an outside summer kitchen and a kitchen inside the house. The dining room can be used by 15-25 persons.

We have made a playground for children containing:
• swing
• slide
• sand pit
• swaying swing
• jungle gym

Our services

Recommendations for tours:
• Praid salter – Sovata (10 km)
• Tamási Áron writer`s memorial in Lupeni – Seiche (bath), Orbán Balázs writer`s memorial – Odorheiu Secuiesc town – Harghita-Băi (bath) – Miercurea-Ciuc town – Sumuleu Ciuc (90 km)
• Bucin peak – Gheorgheni town – Red Lake (90 km)

• Iron – sulphur thermal bath
• Three mineral springs
• The old roman-catholic church (built in 1533)
• Unitarian church (built between 1720 and 1750, restored in 1821 and 1971)
• Local museum
• Corund-bath (535 m high)
• In the garden of Monks, there once was a chapel, where the gray friars moved from their Firtuş-mountain chapel. A mill stands in its place today.
• Aragonite mine
• Permanent fair from the manufactures of the village
• A lot of beautiful carved wooden gates
• Monumental space composition of Miholcsa József entitled “Our mother tongue is our great fortress” situated in front of the highschool in Corund
• Corund is an important touristic attraction together with other settlements from the Salt region

Zone ( 100 kml):
Szent Anna lake, Mohos moss, Zoo in Tg. Mureș ,  Salt mine in Praid

As a professional potter I undertake teaching pottery. We can learn methods of shaping, pottery and the following procedures:
clay grinding, pressing, forming, decorating, carving,  fluting, incising, glazing


Our prices

IF DAY  1-2
Cottage for 2 pers. – 1 double bed –140 lej
Cottage for 3 pers. – 1 double bed + bed for 1 person160 lej
Cottage for 4 pers. – 1 double bed + bunkbed for 2 pers. –  200 lej

Cottage for 5 pers. – 1 double bed + bunkbed for 2 pers. + bed for 1 person –  220 lej

IF DAY 3-5
Cottage for 2 pers. – 1 double bed – 120 lej
Cottage for 3 pers. – 1 double bed + bed for 1 person 145 lej
Cottage for 4 pers. – 1 double bed + bunkbed for 2 pers.170 lej

Cottage for 5 pers. – 1 double bed + bunkbed for 2 pers. + bed for 1 person200 lej




Events, partys, holidays (easter, christmas, new years eve, etc.) by arrangement.

FOOD (day/person):

Breakfast (portion) – 25 lej
Dinner (portion) – 51 lej
Breakfast + dinner (portion) – 76 lej

Az ételeket frissen elkészítve, egyedi receptek alapján, hagyományos ízekkel készítjük. Kerti zöldségeket szolgálunk fel melléje a kedves vendégeknek. Alkalmanként disznóvágással egybekötött étkezésben is részük lehet.

SZAUNA  100 lei


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Korond, Nr. 1439/C., Hargita County
Telefon: 004 – 0744 – 682 636
E-mail: patakmentipanzio@gmail.com
GPS: Lat. 46.466855 Lon. 25.202926

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